How do you cook potatoes on a griddle?

Heat your griddle to high heat and coat with a very thin layer of olive oil or butter. Add potatoes to griddle and cook approximately 5-6 minutes each side or until crispy, light brown crust coats the outside of the potato slices. Remove from heat and serve.

How do you cook diced potatoes on a Blackstone griddle?

Heat your griddle to high heat and cover the surface evenly with olive oil. In a large bowl, combine diced potatoes, olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Stir to coat potatoes evenly. Cook over high heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes.

Can you cook fried potatoes on a Blackstone griddle?

Nothing better to me than some fried potatoes and cooking them on the Blackstone Griddle makes them even better. I have fried some pre cooked potatoes before…

Can you fry potatoes on a Blackstone?

The Blackstone is the perfect tool to use for Smashed Potatoes because it gets so blazing hot, and there’s so much space to spread them out to really give them room to crisp up properly. … I love potatoes because ultimately, whether they are fried, baked, boiled, or smoked they are amazing.

Can you boil potatoes on a griddle?

Pour a few tablespoons of oil on the griddle. Sprinkle the potatoes in an even layer about 1/4 inch high in the center of the griddle and season them to taste with kosher salt. Cook the potatoes for about 5 minutes.

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Can you use butter on a Blackstone griddle?

Of course, you can use butter on a Blackstone Griddle and you can use it to enhance the flavor of your food in a wide variety of ways which we will look at below.

Do you have to soak potatoes before air frying?

Just pat them completely dry before you prep them for the fryer. You can soak them in the fridge, in a bowl of water, all day while you are working. I wouldn’t bother doing potatoes from the raw state, without soaking. It will take about a half an hour and the texture won’t be nearly as rewarding.

Can you grill potatoes without boiling?

1. Even Cooking. … Boiling is the best way to evenly cook them, so if you get them most of the way cooked before they go on the grill, the potatoes only have to finish cooking for a little bit longer and don’t run the risk of drying out by staying on the grill for too long.

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