Question: Can I use a griddle to grill?

Can I add a griddle to my gas grill?

You can easily switch between your grates and the Griddle Plate for Gas Grill. Because the Griddle Plate for Gas Grill sets inside “in place” of your BBQ grill grates, it allows the Griddle Plate for Gas Grill to get much hotter and have consistent heat across the top.

Can I turn my Weber grill into a griddle?

By simply taking out the Weber BBQ grates, you can turn your old Weber Grill into an amazing Weber Griddle Top Plate | Custom BBQ Griddle Top | Outdoor Griddle | Barbecue Griddle. … Thus allowing the griddle to distribute the heat faster and more evenly.

Are steaks better on a grill or griddle?

Steak cooked on a cast iron griddle. Both have their advantages. Grilled streaks have that smoky or char flavor and it’s hard not to “eat with your eyes first” when you see nice cross hatch marks. … Pan seared steaks have an even Malliard browned crust across most of the steak surface, bringing more flavor to the steak.

Can I put cast iron griddle on grill?

Cast iron works on the grill just like it does on your kitchen’s stovetop: Place it directly on your grill’s grates and let it get ripping hot.

How thick are flat top grills?

Plate Thickness

General guidelines for approximating whether a griddle is standard, medium or heavy duty can be based around the following plate thicknesses; however this may vary between manufacturers: Standard duty: 1/2″ thick griddle plate. Medium duty: 3/4″ thick griddle plate. Heavy duty: 1″ thick plate.

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